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Judy's Background


Judy Steele, MTP
is a life coach, counselor, healer, and teacher, with over 30 years of professional experience, and also an unusually wide range of personal life experience.  She uses leading-edge energy psychology and transpersonal psychology techniques to help you release old blockages and create the life you want.

Now based in Minneapolis, she was previously in the Washington DC area.  For a number of years, she led a nationally-known training and development business, providing products and services for Fortune 100 corporations and government organizations, and she was also a national leader in professional organizations.  Then she changed fields, establishing a private counseling practice with alternative medicine specialty.  She co-founded the Cosmos Center, an alternative center for health and healing, in Frederick, Maryland, and she also practiced at Catoctin Counseling Center in Thurmont, Maryland.  Her practice is now located at the Spring Forest Healing Center in St. Louis Park (Minneapolis) MN.

Academic/alternative/transpersonal/holistic background

She received her Master of Transpersonal Psychology degree in 1994, from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto.  In 1995 she received the prestigious national research award from Common Boundary magazine for an article based on her masterís thesis: a new conceptualization of dissociation/association in eleven dimensions of human life, with an associated new view of mental health, rooted in experience with a highly dissociated client. 

She is a student of Huna, a very ancient spiritual and practical tradition from Hawaii, and has been ordained as an Alaka'i (leader) in that tradition.  Her intensive Huna training was on Kauai (Hawaii) with Serge Kahili King, PhD.  In addition, she is a member of Helios, a group founded by Dan Benor, MD, for the study of the interface between psychotherapy and spirituality, and also a member of ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine), founded by Elmer Green, PhD, of Menninger, and ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology).

She began studying and teaching brain/mind and alternative medicine developments in the early 1970ís, concurrent with her corporate work.  Since then, she has taken intensive training in Satir Family Systems, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (to the Trainer level), Edu-Kinesthetics (Advanced level), Healing Touch (to IIB level); also Integrated Awareness (IA), Reiki (level 3), ARCHģ Healing (Master level), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), and several variants of Thought Field Therapy including Emotional Freeedom Technique (EFT).

She began working with flower essences (a form of energy medicine; not aromatherapy) in the 1990ís.  After attending the 2nd Annual International Flower Essence Conference in 1993 (Victoria, BC), she studied flower essence theory and practice intensively with Flower Essence Services (Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski, 1996, Nevada City, CA), Hummingbird Remedies (Ouapiti Robintree, 1996, San Francisco and Mendocino, CA), Alaskan Flower Essence Project (Steve Johnson & Jane Bell, 1998, Homer, AK), and Korte Essences (Andreas Korte, Portland, OR 1998).  She is co-creator, with Nature, of the Middle Mountain line of flower and environmental essences.

She has a Diploma (DIHom, 1995) from the British Institute of Homeopathy, plus additional intensive training from the National Center for Homeopathy.  She founded and led a local Homeopathy Study Group in Frederick, MD.  She is registered as a Naturopath in the District of Columbia.

Corporate/business/professional association background

Prior to entering into her coaching, counseling and alternative-mental-health career, she was active nationally in the training and development field.  She has owned or co-owned, and managed or co-managed, ten successful small businesses in five different fields, most having to do with improving human performance, health, and happiness.  The largest and most successful of these, the Athena Corporation, was nationally known for close to a decade.  She has edited two professional research books, managed the development of over 400 custom training programs for Fortune 100 corporations, co-developed four proprietary NLP-based leadership, management, and sales training programs, and conducted scores of management-development training programs.

She served as President of the National Society for Performance and Instruction (NSPI), First Vice President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and a Board member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). She also held many other elected positions in NSPI (now ISPI, the International Society for Performance Improvement), and managed a national conference in New Orleans.  She was awarded that societyís highest honor: Member for Life. 

 International Experience

She served as team-building consultant to a Japanese/American management team in Chicago; taught an international management team in Switzerland and a management development program in Sweden; was member of a trade mission to Europe (primarily Germany and England) sponsored by the Small Business Administration; attended the European Womenís Management Development (EWMD) conference in Stockholm; and has made private visits to France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Korea, New Zealand, as well as Canada and Mexico.  She has studied the French, Latin, and Russian languages; was once fairly fluent in French.  She worked as administrator/editor in the Far Eastern Law Division of Library of Congress, helping to translate the Communist Chinese Code of Law into English.

Personal Experience

She has been a nun (briefly), co-owner of a laundry equipment/supplies company, a pianist and organist, a college English teacher, an administrative assistant, an editor, a project manager, a training materials developer,  owner/manager of several training-related businesses, a national professional association leader, a management consultant and trainer, a wife, mother, single parent, grandmother, eldest daughter of an aging mother, and life coach/counselor with energy psychology/transpersonal psychology specialty.

Key Competencies

bulletHolistic approaches to mental health and personal growth
bulletPresentations and teaching, especially holistic health, personal growth, and leadership development
bulletAnalysis/conceptualization/model creation
bulletWriting and editing
bulletLife coaching and counseling


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