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Modalities:  An Explanatory Glossary

These techniques and terms are used by Judy Steele in her practice.  They are listed alphabetically.

ARCH® (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing)
Flower essences
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique)
Transpersonal psychology

Aloha, which conveys love and blessing, is the traditional attitude of Hawaiian culture, and the most important of the seven principles of Huna.  See for a simple, brief but profound explanation of what it means to live by the Aloha Spirit.

ARCH® (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) is an ancient energy healing method from Hawaii taught by Laurie Keako’a’ Grant.  Described as “a quantum leap beyond Reiki”; it is understood to send all the frequencies of life force energy into oneself or someone else, to work on any dis-ease, either hands-on or at a distance.  Judy is an ARCH Master Healer.  See

Dynamind is a Huna-based fast-healing technique for "body, mind, and circumstance" developed by Serge Kahili King.  It has been used successfully by thousands of people for a wide variety of issues, including physical pain and aches, other physical conditions, emotional issues and pain (including anxiety, anger, guilt, loss, betrayal, sadness, and generalized emotional stress and tension) , and mental issues and pain (including doubt, confusion, conflict, worry, self worth, nightmares, and generalized mental stress).  Judy is a Certified Dynamind Practitioner, and has been using it with clients since 2000.  See DynaMind article; also 
*Note Dynamind cases in Testimonials section.

Flower essences are a kind of remedy that uses the energies of flowers, especially for mental and emotional healing and growth.  They are somewhat similar to homeopathy; they are not the same as aromatherapy or essential oils.  The best-known flower essences are the Bach Flowers, especially the Bach Rescue Remedy.  Gem and environmental essences are also included in this mode of vibrational medicine.  Flower remedies are usually dispensed into the mouth from a dropper bottle.  They can also be taken in water or on the skin.

Judy is a flower essence practitioner who has been trained personally by many of the best-known flower essence makers, and she is also a flower essence maker herself.  She has been using essences professionally with clients since about 1991.

*Note flower essence client's report in Testimonials section.  For more, see Flower essences article; also (Flower Essence Society/FES), (Alaskan Flower Essence Project).

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of energy medicine developed by German doctor Samuel Hahnemann.  It is based on three principles: "like cures like," the infinitesimal dose, and individualized remedy prescribing based on actual presenting symptoms rather than disease label.  Judy is trained in homeopathy, and uses it for acute situations in her practice.

For more on what homeopathy is and how it differs from conventional medicine, see the National Center for Homeopathy's website at

Huna is an ancient tradition of principles and techniques for living and healing, used throughout the world but understood to have its origin in Polynesia.  The version of Huna used here is from the Kahili family on Kauai, as taught by Serge Kahili King.  Judy is an ordained alakai (leader) in that tradition.

King says, "Huna is a Hawaiian philosophy of living.  It focuses on the powers of mind and the forces of nature, and how they interact....  There are seven basic principles of Huna, which makes it a philosophy and not merely a system of techniques.  Huna is simply a way of dealing with and/or viewing reality, and because of its simplicity Huna is easy to remember and easy to apply effectively." (From "The Huna Path to World Change."  To read more of this article, see .)

For more on Huna as taught by Serge Kahili King, go to and/or read his books: Urban Shaman, Kahuna Healing, Mastering Your Hidden Self, Instant Healing, and others.

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a large set of effectiveness techniques developed in the 1970's by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and their associates by modeling the strategies of high performers.  NLP has been used widely in both therapeutic and business settings.  Judy is an NLP Practitioner and Trainer, and is co-developer of four NLP-based business training programs.

TAT is the Tapas Acupressure Technique, developed by acupuncturist Tapas Fleming.  It is a simple technique of holding acupressure points on the head while re-processing unpleasant memories, in order to clear them and the energy blocks that they create.  It has also been shown to be useful for changing old self-sabotaging beliefs, for allergies, and for clearing other old patterns.  This technique is best used with a skilled facilitator/counselor when truly traumatic memories are to be addressed, but it can be used easily without assistance for everyday issues, including stress reduction.  Judy has been trained in TAT, including Teacher Training, by originator Tapas Fleming, and has been using it with clients since the early 1990's.

"TAT is one of the new power therapies; it produces dramatic changes in trauma, stress, allergies, fear, self-esteem and promoting self-healing."  --Lee Pulos, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Vancouver, BC.

"This work has provided me with deep healing in a short period of time with issues that have taken months or years of work.  It is worth its weight in gold."  --Michael Hanes, Marketing Professional.

"It transforms without getting the patient stuck in torment!" --
Diane Kay Siegmund, M.A., Licensed Psychologist

For more, see

Transpersonal psychology is a relatively new branch of psychology that includes mainstream Western understandings of personality, development, and treatment, and also incorporates Eastern and indigenous understandings of the spiritual aspects of humans and the world.  Judy has a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

For a fuller explanation of what transpersonal psychology is, see  (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology).


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