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Comments from clients and students:

"Judy, the quality that I most appreciate in you as a coach and counselor is your powerful spiritual presence.  When I work with you, I not only gain insights into what my transformational potential is, but I am also able to instantly manifest that potential.  In gratitude and appreciation."  --Salina Amey

"I meet with Judy and others in a weekly group to learn a philosophy of life that brings joy, delight and well-being into my daily life.  I really appreciate Judy's wisdom and non-judgmental spirit."   --Ginny Jacobson 

"I always feel so much lighter when I walk out of here!"  --Kathy D, Minneapolis

"You have wonderful skills that helped me find clarity in my relationships.  Thank you.  --Ruth Elaine Hane

Published report on use of energy psychology techniques (Dynamind and TAT) in two client cases, including testimonials from those two clients:

For the full report, see: "The Dynamind Technique for 'Instant Healing': Two Cases" by Judy Steele in International Journal of Healing and Caring - On-line (www.ijhc.org), Vol. 2, No. 2, May 2002 [also includes an application of Tapas Acupressure Technique]

Sue's Case

The first case, Sue, illustrates the use of Dynamind to clear most of the residual pain from a nurse's fractured foot--pain that had persisted for a number of weeks after the cast had been removed.  Sue's belief about the time needed for healing had created a blockage to her own healing; nevertheless, with the help of Dynamind plus the Huna technique of "reprogramming the ku," she was able to change that belief, and release her pain.  Sue's case also illustrates the clearing of a pain memory related to an earlier surgery, as well as the residual pain from the recent fracture.

Some of Sue's comments: "During the Dynamind process, it seemed so simple.  Initially, I was just thinking, 'Well, this is interesting,' and didn’t really feel any change after the first few rounds.  But then, after we started working with it more, the pain was slowly decreasing.... The process was wonderful!  I would certainly recommend it to anybody who had any pain.  I was surprised at how well it worked."

Miriam's Case

The second case, "Miriam," covers two sessions separated by 3 1/2 months.  In the first, a generalized lack of trust--in other people and in the client's own intuition--is cleared.  In the second, three very important emotional issues and experiences, from a period of years, are cleared in one session--a remarkable example of what can happen when the client is ready, willing, and able to visualize easily.  In this second part of Miriam's case, Dynamind is combined with Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) for clearing emotional trauma and accident-related physical problems.

Some of Miriam's comments: "A year following my car accident, I continued to experience daily, debilitating pain in my back, neck, arms and hands.  Because this puzzled my Chiropractor, even though we were doing everything we could, I’d begun to sense that there was another component to the pain I experienced.... Going through the process [with Judy] of making statements, tapping, breathing head to feet, seemed so very simple that I didn’t see how my initial score could change.  So I was pleasantly surprised when it actually did after the first few rounds!  (I had a genuine curiosity about the process along with a deep security and trust in Judy, which I believe makes a difference in how willing or open one is to allowing changes to happen.) 

"During the next few months I experienced a renewed vigor in my physical body (i.e. being able to do more yoga as well as daily chores) and much less pain.  Into the fall, I noticed that I was holding back in my relationship with my boyfriend (and still having regular bouts of pain), so decided to schedule with Judy again.  As Judy guided me through this seeming maze of issues my intuitive senses opened to perceive all the truth about them.  I realized that my old patterns and beliefs about “what a person really means” had become entangled with other possibilities of reality.  It is not easy to put into words the quality of the perceptions and experiences I had during that session.  Of course, there was the timeless aspect: While reliving events that took place over several years, I changed them in a matter of minutes!  There were also the physical sensations; ranging from tightness due to perceived rejection or injustice, to the soft, openness of letting go to allow myself to have whatever I needed in a given event.  Certainly this does relate to my first session about trusting – mostly trusting myself!  As I look back on my process of physical recovery from the accident, the months following this second session brought about the most definite change in my physical state.  I had many more pain-free days and much less extreme pain when it did occur.

"The whole session reminded me of living in the midst of miracles.  These were dramatic changes that took place in my life.  My awareness of this fact was even more solidified from writing this case response.  It clarifies that with my eyes open I found my guides needed for healing myself and making my life more enjoyable.  All around me are the beauties of life, which I receive with gratitude."

Report from a client on results of her first flower essence formula:

The following report is from a client whose flower essence combination was chosen primarily to begin to heal the effects of emotional abuse and neglect by her mother, physical abuse, feelings of shame, loss of many friends to death, and her tendencies to be stuck in the past and to revert to a "child state."  (Note the correspondence of the items in her report to these issues.)

This was her first flower essence combination.  She did not know which of her issues the combination was intended to address, and she did not know the healing qualities of the particular essences she was given.  Here is her report:

"I noticed these ten improvements after taking the flower essence combination for one week:

1. Feeling less threatened and less affected by others' negative energy.
2. Slightly more relaxed; more calm.
3. Improved self-esteem.
4. Easier to let go of past trauma, especially related to my mother.
5. Easier to 'let go' of peoples' judgments of me.
6. The world feels like a more positive place.
7.  I'm less reactive and more responsive.  (It's easier to be in the 'adult mode' vs the 'child mode.')
8. Emotional pain from past and present abuse is lessened.
9. Fewer thoughts about past abuse.
10. Happier.

"After 2 weeks of using it 4x/day I stopped for 3 days to see what the effect would be...  All the positive feelings and improved thoughts went away.  I was miserable and life felt not worth living.  I am convinced this Flower Essence combination is helpful to me."    --Lynn B.

Note:  After an essence combination has been used long enough, the changes hold and it is not necessary to continue using that formula.  The length of time needed to reach that point varies greatly, depending on the individual situation.



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